Kyle stared at his son Landon who was talking away on his two way radio. All morning he kept hearing the crackle of static as connections were made and remade. The boy spent hours talking about the TV shows he was watching or how kindergarten was going. The major topic of conversation was that of a boy who had dropped his lunch on the floor and then ate it. Landon broke into riotous laughter after telling and retelling the story. Though Kyle couldn't make out what the other voice was saying, he could hear the telltale static before his son started speaking again.

Kyle wondered where the radio came from since he knew that neither he nor his wife bought it for him. It was possible that a friend at school had given it to him as a way to keep in touch. It was certainly something a child would do since Kyle wouldn't allow Landon to have a cellphone or even use the Internet without permission.

After several more minutes passed, Landon finished his conversation before he put the radio down to run to the bathroom. Kyle had seen him wiggling around like mad but clearly not wanting to get up from the sofa to pee. Eventually the boy gave in and he sprinted toward the bathroom with his legs together and hand holding his crotch. It was laughable to say the least.

It was during that moment Kyle walked over and picked up the radio. It looked fairly high end, something that child wouldn’t use. Noticing the power was still on Kyle pressed the call button and simply asked, hello. There was a brief pause before there was a burst of static as another voice erupted from the other end asking who he was. Kyle introduced himself and said that Landon was his boy. It was with that statement horrific laughter erupted from the radio as the voice spoke again.

"No, he's MY boy." The man to Kyle, "And I will be coming to get him very soon.”