Ben watched as his son lay curled in a ball, hiding under his sheets as he waited for the all clear from his father. Rolling his eyes, Ben knew this would have to end sometime soon. Andy was almost seven; to still be afraid of the dark and of' monsters under the bed was just plain ridiculous. This had been their evening ritual since moving into their house over two months ago. At first he thought it was just because of the creaks and groans of a new home that was settling. However, even now he still believed that some monster lurked in the shadows of his room.

Ben had just returned from working late that night when he heard his son’s cries. His wife was the one who put their son to bed but he was never satisfied until his father gave the room a once over. Before even going into his bedroom to kiss his wife goodnight, he marched upstairs to his son, who was hidden under the thick sheets, refusing to come out. Even when Ben tried to grab the blanket, Andy simply cried and wriggled around.

Kneeling under the bed, Ben saw nothing but toys and shoes. Once more there was definitive proof that there was nothing under the bed. It was as he stood up that Ben froze. The tiny hairs stood at end as a terrible shiver traveled down his spine. Always one to believe in what his eyes could see, he never once questioned it. However, the moment he heard it, his grip on the world slipped. Craning his neck, he heard it once more.

''Daddy?'' Andy asked. And there from the doorway, leading into the hall was his son. Dressed in his superhero pajamas, he rubbed his eyes as he tried to wake up. For the briefest thought, he remembered his wife telling him that Andy would be in their room.

Turning back, as fear gripped his heart, Ben saw the sheet raising as a deep and raspy cackle erupted from the underneath.