Thinking of You

Hello all! I have finally posted a new podcast episode called Thinking of You. I apologize for the delay as I had been working on a project that had taken a great deal of time and slipping back into the swing of editing a podcast episode had taken a bit more time than I anticipated. I hope to get back on track with a new episode a month. I hope you enjoy the short and please spread the word!


Hello all! I apologize for the long delay, I have been working on a book project that basically consumed a great deal of my time but I am trying to get back into the swing of things by posting a new short. It's another story from my Salvager's Tale Series called Treason. If you have not read any of the previous stories, I would highly recommend it. I also hope to have a new podcast out within the next week or two. I hope you enjoy it and please share and get the word out. 


Hello All! Sorry for the delay on shorts, it's been fairly busy at home and I haven't had time to really sit down and get a short posted. Not to say I don't have a stack to go through but they often need some TLC that require time and right now I have none. 

That's the bad news, the good news is that I just received my recording equipment so my plans of creating a Podcast are closer to becoming a reality. There will be some growing pains with that but I hope that I can at least get something up soon. 

Another piece of news is that two of my Flash fiction pieces will be published a book! I will provide more information when I get it, but I'm excited to say that I will be a PUBLISHED author. They may be only flash pieces but its a start!

Will be back with more info soon, hopefully! 

The Deal

Hello All I have posted a new horror short (horror fantasy really) that i hope all of you will enjoy: The Deal. I you know anyone who enjoys short stories please share my site with them!


Also I am planning for the not too distant future to starting turning my shorts into Audio Fiction so they can be consumed a bit more easily. Stay tuned!